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Welcome To SaveAllAnimals
Hello Everyone. My name is Robert Jolly. I am a volunteer at Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka, Kansas. I love all animals and hate to see animals hurt or put in shelters. So i have adopted a few pets from the local humane society. This page is designed to give you the message to go to your local humane shelter and adopt a loving animal. Or even go to your local shelter and donate a few dollars. Even $1 will help an animal in need. The picture to the left is a English Setter from the Humane Society here. Thanks for visiting and come again. Please view some of my links to other animal pages.
Site Updates
This is a list of updates that have been done to this website. And there are more updates to come.
Updated Contact info and added more links.
10/12/01    updated information.
11/10/00   Created the website.
Welcome To SaveAllAnimals
My website has a link to Purina One where you can get a free pet safety kit, and a link to the local humane society where you can get many pictures like the one I have included on this page. I will be updating the site periodically with new pictures of pets and new information about animals.

September 11, 2001 was a dark day for the nation. we suffered a great many losses. our hearts go out to those lost in the tragedy. at the links page there will be links to the redcross. thank you and god bless america

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